Little Girls Wedding Hairstyles

Updated March 23, 2017

Little girls often play an important role in a wedding, as they lead the bride down the aisle while creating a trail of flower petals. When selecting the flower girl's dress and accessories, consider the different hairstyles that would look best with her dress. Whether the wedding is extremely elegant or relaxed and casual, a perfect flower girl's hairstyle can be found to appropriately match the style of the wedding.

Fancy Updo

If you want the little girl's hairstyle to emulate those of the bride and bridesmaids, consider an elegant updo. These hairstyles commonly feature layers of bouncy curls pulled off the shoulders and neck and pinned to the back of the head. The curls can either be left loose in a high ponytail or scrunched slightly and pinned to the back of the head. For a little girl, consider embellishing the hairstyle with sparkly barrettes or hairpins. You might also tuck small flowers into the hair of a flower girl or add instant glamour with a sparkly headband.

Relaxed and Casual

Little girls have a simple, natural beauty; if you want this simple beauty to shine through, consider a casual wedding hairstyle. For a little girl with long hair, add soft waves or loose curls and allow the hair to remain down. If desired, you might pin the front of the hair back to keep it out of her eyes. For girls with short hair, brush the hair straight and add a slight curl or flip to the ends of the hair for extra glamour. This wedding hairstyle looks best when left somewhat simple; do not overwhelm the style with elaborate barrettes. However, a simple headband, halo or simple bow can add a touch of style.

Braids and Buns

Braids and buns offer a nice alternative if you want a hairstyle that is stylish, yet slightly more relaxed than an updo. Both traditional and French braids looks classy and appropriate for little girls. The hair can either be braided down the back or divided into two sections and braided into pigtails. Tie the ends with ribbons that match the wedding colours or add a jewelled barrette. As an alternative, consider a simple bun. This hairstyle works best for little girls with long hair. Simply gather the hair into a ponytail and twist the hair into a tight bun. Add a single flower for extra emphasis and a dash of colour.

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