Warning signs of a dangerous obsessive relationship

Written by gemma craig | 13/05/2017
Warning signs of a dangerous obsessive relationship
Watch for warning signs of a dangerous relatonship. (emotion 3 image by M.Zaturi from Fotolia.com)

Dangerous relationships are just that---dangerous. Just as you wouldn't want to bathe in a tub of bleach, a dangerous relationship can have toxic effects on your emotions, mind and body. The best thing you can do is recognise it and get out. Sometimes recognising the signs can be difficult, especially if you love someone, but acknowledging there is a problem is the first step toward helping yourself.


A warning sign of a potentially dangerous relationship is possessiveness and jealousy, according to the National Crime Prevention Council. This can show up in any attempts by someone to isolate you from friends and family, or a need to know where you are at all times. Possessiveness can also show through pressure for more seriousness in the relationship than you are ready for.

Blaming Others

According to GirlsHealth.gov, a warning sign of a dangerous and obsessive relationship is when someone blames you, others or drugs and alcohol for the behaviour.


Abuse usually connotes bruises and batterings, but abuse can take on more subtle forms. A person who tries to control and manipulate situations or others could be an emotional abuser. Someone who yells, swears or bosses and threatens with acts of violence is an abuser.

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