Okay, let's say for example the pipe is in bad shape. Let's say it was rusted or something like that and you didn't want to take the whole unit off. It's not this type of unit. You can also clean the head with the solution right there in this position, and all you have to do is just take a plastic bag and just fill it up with the same solution that you had earlier. I'm going to put some in the bag here, and just take this thing off of the cradle. If you don't have the cradle, just turn it down so that way you can get the head in here. You stick the head inside the solution and go ahead and zip lock this and just hang it back up there and just leave it overnight. This will, in essence, do basically the same thing. If you can get the washer off, you may still want to check the washer and check to see if there's any debris, but this will also help if you have a hard time taking the head off the cradle or off the pipe coming out of the wall, and it does the same thing. You can leave this overnight, and the following day just check it and hopefully that will clear up your problem because it will clean up all the mineral deposit. There's another alternative way of cleaning the head without having to take it off the wall.