Another thing you can do is you can separate it on both sides and you can either do it with barrettes or rubber bands and get quiet fancy actually and you can braid either side. Let's say I'm going to take a clear rubber band now and I'm taking the hair from the side of his eyes, which what would be covering it back and I'm going to take some of this hair here and again I'm want to be careful that I am not pulling the hair away from the eye. I can put it on either side like this and again I'm keeping the hair out of his face, out of his food. I can see his eyes and he can see a little bit better as well. So, another way to keep the hair out of your dog's eyes, good boy Ty how is that? Then finally just to show you a barrette option that you could do although I would be careful using this if your dog is playing with other dogs because you don't want to get barrettes stuck in their eye. You can pick the hair up like this, bring it back and I'm just using a simple system, it's a human barrette made out of metal no complicated parts and I can just slide this right up here on one side and then come up on the other side. So I'm just pulling the hair out from behind his eyes. That's fine, again I would not use this system if you've got a dog that's out playing with another dog, because when they play this can come popped or half popped and it can go in the eye, so you want to be very careful. If it's a male dog you might want to do the samurai knot, but to tell you the truth he doesn't really care, none of them care how you get the hair out as long as it's out and it's not bothering them. Careful again here that you're not pinching the hair and that it's not too tight.