How Long Does a Butterfly Stay in a Chrysalis Cocoon?

Video transcription

So, butterflies spend certains amounts, certain amount of time in different stages. In their chrysalis or their cocoon they can spend anywhere from five days, seven days to several month and some of them I've even recorded to be in their cocoon typically months could be in their cocoon or even over a year if they need to be. It depends on why it's in the chrysalis or what what's going on in nature. A lot of them will spend time in the chrysalis during dry season or during cold seasons so they can be in there from, you know, five, six, seven, eight months typically. When they're in there for a while, if not, they'll be in for five to seven days, ten days. In our area which is a temperate climate, butterflies will spend six months, up to six months, seven or eight months even in the chrysalis stage during the time that it's cold. The major changes that people notice between a caterpillar to a butterfly happen in the chrysalis, after the caterpillar makes a chrysalis, the legs, the wings and everything change as it's going into the chrysalis but then the wings need to form, reform and the legs need to reform and a ton of reform so that they can go from eating leaves to drinking nectar from flowers. And typically the shortest amount of time that will be is about a week and that's also temperature dependent and the size of the butterfly and they like and a lot of other factors for every different species.

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