Ok, we're going to talk next about applying anti-scold to the brake pads themselves to like when the heat builds up, once again braking is a very harsh action that happens on the vehicle over a time period. So when you get your new pads, they have substances that you can either spray on the backing to make it kind of stick to the assembly more so it's not chattering or moving around a great deal, and they also have spacers that you can put in, so you don't have to worry about it clunking and clacking around in there. But they actually have a substance called anti-scold that you can put on the friction surface itself, you kind of apply it on and let it soak for a little bit, and then once it dries up you can kind of go about assembling your braking system again. But also on the bracket itself you want to clean out any material that has built up in here. There is a lot of dirt and grime that builds up on this piece itself, so it kind of makes it hard for your pads to slide back and forth. Also you want to apply lubricant to your slides inside your caliper bracket, so it makes it move with a great deal of ease if you do so. So, that is what you have dealing with anti-seize and lubricants that you can put on your brakes.