For cleaning waterpik tips, there are multiple different kinds of solutions that can be used to make sure the tips stay clean. It is important that occasionally from time to time you need to run some sort of solution through that or make sure that everything is nice and clean. If you're using regular tap water, much like a humidifier and other devices, you can get a lot of buildup and clogging in a form from the water because of the impurities. So it's recommended that you use something in there that can help one disinfect the tips and the accessories but also to make sure that you don't get any clogging from all the impurities that are found within water. One example is to run something like a Listerine, a Listerine or a Scope, some sort of mouth rinse that you can use in addition to the water. What you can do is you can put some Listerine in there and dilute it with some water and have the Listerine run through. It's good not only for using with the waterpik on the gums but also as far as disinfecting the tips and keeping them clean. Other solutions can be used such as vinegar, you can run a little bit of vinegar within the water which is often times used in coffee pots. The vinegar will help again kind of disinfect everything and make it a little more sterile and certainly keep everything nice and clean. There are other solutions out there and probably other kinds of detergents that doesn't really matter what I would recommend though is if you're going to use anything beyond a very mild mouth rinse or like a vinegar is to consult your manual or certainly contact waterpik and ask them what are the different materials that can be used to clean the accessories as well as the actual waterpik itself.