As this is a raglan sweater, at the top of each section there are a few stitches that we're going to be picking up. And now it's time to put them all on one needle to knit the neckline, the neck band. So I've got a mixture of yarn, stitch holders and real stitch holders, so I'm going to put my needle in and I'm going to pull out my stitch marker, put in my contrast color. And I'm going to begin to pick up those stitches for the neck band. Now I come to the top here. I'm going to pick up a stitch for the sleeve. Now I'm going to work these stitches off of the stitch holder. So basically I'm going to use that stitch holder as a needle and work those stitches off of that. It's a little tricky but you keep working off your stitches knitting them on. So this is taking care of the top of the sleeve. And when I'm done with that I'm going to take away that stitch holder. And so far I've got the right front, the top of the sleeve and then I would go on to the back. And here my stitch holder isn't facing the right way so I'm going to live dangerously. I'm going to let the stitches sit live. I don't truly recommend that but. And then you're going to knit into those stitches. And you can keep going this way across the rest of the back and the rest of the sleeve and the left front.