Let's talk about what are the signs of feline diabetes. Diabetes that we see in cats is very common actually and what it's caused by is a lack of insulin production from the pancreas. When that occurs, the blood sugar in the bloodstream skyrockets and when that happens, they dump a lot of sugar, which is a large molecule into the urine. So the first thing a lot of people notice when a cat becomes diabetic at home is them drinking and urinating in large amounts. They're urinating water because it's getting pulled with that large sugar molecule through their urine and so they're having to keep up with that by drinking a lot. So that's one of the first signs people will notice. Secondly is weight loss in spite of the fact that most of these cats are eating more. Now the reason they're eating more is because all that blood sugar, all that sugar rather, is in the bloodstream and the brain is trying to compensate by getting into the tissues by telling itself you've got to eat more. So weight loss is a huge one while eating more. At some point if diabetes goes on for a while, these cats will actually start to feel lethargic and start to actually get very, very sick and so if you think that your cat is diabetic in any way, talk to your veterinarian clinic they can run blood word and urinalysis to find out if a cat has that. Diabetes is very well treated with insulin in cats and so they can be well maintained and live a nice normal life with diabetes, but again it's important to catch diabetes early especially if you notice any of those common symptoms that go along with that.