Hairstyles for the Mother of the Bride

Written by kristle jones | 13/05/2017
Hairstyles for the Mother of the Bride
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The mother of the bride plays an important role in any wedding party. Your hairstyle should be stylish without being overly styled or adorned. Find a hairstyle that harmonises with the rest of the wedding party and fits your personality. A lovely and mature hairstyle is ideal for the mother of the bride, according to Life Love Beauty.


A chignon is a simple and classic hairstyle for the mother of the bride. The chignon is a formal hairstyle that's also understated and elegant and pairs well with a variety of dress necklines. Make your chignon a custom style by wearing it to one side, curling your hair prior or adding any other style flair you wish.

Casual Hairstyles

If your daughter’s wedding is a relaxed affair, wearing your hair down is the perfect way to give a laid-back hair vibe. Though a casual hairstyle might be ideal for you, a polished version of your everyday look is best, as this is still a unique affair. You can use a flat iron to smooth frizz and flyaways and add a shine serum or spray for a sleek and shiny finished style.

Half-Up Hairstyles

A half-up hairstyle gives a mother of the bride the best of both worlds: part formal updo, part casual down-style. You may choose to wear a semi-updo or just pull some pieces up and off your face. Secure the hair that is up with two crisscrossed hair clips.


Dress mother-of-the-bride hairstyles up with sparkly, crystal hair accessories, mother-of-pearl barrettes or coloured hairpins that coordinate with the wedding colours.

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