Funky Hairstyles for Kids

Written by carrie perles Google
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So your child is getting tired of her current hairstyle, and you're not sure what to do. Whether your child is a preschooler or a teen, and whether her hair is short or long, you can change up her hairstyle so that it's "funky" enough for her to feel proud of it. Just add some braids, some colour and a bit of fun, and your child will never feel the same about her hair again.

The Crown Braid

Separate your child's hair into two sections by parting it down the middle. Clip the right half of her hair to keep it out of the way. Have your child hang her head upside down and make three strands of equal size from the hair at the nape of her neck (from the left half of her head). Braid the strands for one cycle, and then add a bit of hair to the outermost section and braid them for another cycle.

Continue this process, always adding hair to the outer section, and making sure that the braid is curling around her head, towards her forehead. When you reach the forehead area, all of the hair from the left section should be included in the braid. Then unclip the right side and continue in the same manner until all of the hair has been included in the braid, and the braid wraps around to the back of your child's head. Finish off the braid, secure it with a rubber band and wrap the loose braid around your child's head again. Secure the end of the braid with hair clips to complete the crown.

Ponytail Heaven

Use the back of a crochet hook to separate a tiny section from your child's hair. Tie a thin rubber band around the section, making sure that the hair leading to the rubber band is brushed smooth. Move on to the next section, and tie it off with a rubber band as well. Continue in this manner until your child's entire head is covered in thin ponytails. Leave as is, or secure all of them together in one large, loose ponytail at the base of her neck. This hairstyle works best with thin, straight hair, and it can work for hair that is long or short.

Adding Some Color

Has your child been begging you for streaks in his hair? You can give him the opportunity to experience this funky hairstyle cheaply for a day. Purchase a temporary hair-streaking product, such as Streekers, whose link you can find in the resources section below.

Lift a small section of hair away from your child's scalp, and use the soft-tipped brush to paint your child's hair from root to tip. Wait a minute for the streak to dry, and the move on to the next section. If you'd like, you can streak your child's hair with several different colours. The best part of this temporary streaking method is that you can wash it out with a basic shampoo.

Doggy Ears

Separate your child's hair in half by pulling the back of a crochet hook down the centre of her head. Comb each section and secure it with a rubber band to make two pigtails. Braid each pigtail and use another rubber band to secure it at the bottom. Then curl each pigtail back up towards your child's head so that the bottom rubber band and the top rubber band are touching. Secure with a third rubber band to form a loop. This funky hairstyle is perfect for young kids, who can pretend that their hair is now "doggy ears."

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