Remington Steam Setter Instructions

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The Remington Steam Setter uses a combination of heat and steam to curl your hair. The set comes with 20 soft, velvety rollers in three different sizes. Each curler is made with an ionic conditioning that prevents static and frizz while creating a shiny look. The rollers are designed to prevent your hair from getting tangled while in place. Use the setter on dry or slightly damp hair, but not on wet hair. The rollers can be used over again for a salon-finish look.

Plug electrical cord into a working outlet and wait 12 to 14 minutes. When the red dot on the large rollers comes on, the curlers are ready to use.

Brush your hair out, removing any knots or tangles. Divide your hair into sections for curling using a comb. Secure each section with a clip.

Pull your hair away from your scalp and place the roller against the tip of the hair. Roll curler towards your hair's roots, wrapping hair around the curler as you go. Clip the roller into place using the colour-coded clips that came with curler set. If you only want to create volume and not curl, roll your hair at the roots, then wrap your hair around the roller. Continue until all sections of hair are wrapped in curlers.

Unplug the curling set from the electrical socket.

Wait until the rollers are cool to the touch before removing. The longer the curlers are in your hair, the tighter the curls will be and the longer the curls will hold.

Remove each clip from the curler, then unroll the curler from your hair, starting with the roller you placed first. Replace each curler in the carrying case. Let the curl spring into place.

Brush out your hair and style. Use hairspray for an extra hold.

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