Gifts for Band Conductors

Updated February 21, 2017

If your band leader has a birthday coming up, or you want to get him or her something special for the holidays, a thoughtful gift that shows your appreciation is ideal. Consider your conductor's personality, or talk to your other band members about a group gift you can purchase to thank your band leader for a job well done.

Orchestra Baton

Present your band conductor with a new orchestra baton that can be used to guide your band through the pieces you play for performances. Purchase a custom baton with a marble or wooden knob for visual appeal, and take it to the print shop to have it engraved with your band leader's initials or the school year the baton is presented. You also can have the baton case engraved with your conductor's name or initials.


For her, a pair of earrings in the shape of music notes or a treble clef are ideal gifts. Present these gold or silver trinkets to your conductor with a greeting card thanking her for doing such a great job with the band. For him, present the conductor with a tie pin or cuff links with a musical theme as a classy way to say "happy holidays" or "happy birthday." You also can present the jewellery with a framed, signed picture of all the band members to make the gift extra special.

T-Shirt or Mugs

A conductor with an upbeat or casual style may appreciate a large coffee mug decorated with his or her name or musical designs such as a bass or treble clef. Fill the mug with candies or mints for an additional small gift. You also can purchase a custom-made T-shirt for your band leader with a saying like "My students' work is music to my ears," signed by all the band members and framed. Of course, a shirt that's ready-to-wear makes a thoughtful present as well.

Gift Basket

Ask your band members for ideas on what to put in your band leader's gift basket. For instance, if your conductor loves coffee or tea, a basket with gourmet variations, along with a monogrammed mug, is ideal. Or, you can give your band leader a book about the life of his or her favourite musician, along with a CD of the artist's work and an edible gift addition, such as a tin of holiday cookies or an assortment of gourmet cheeses.

Concert Tickets

If a noted orchestra and conductor, that you know your band leader would want to see, is coming to town, ask the rest of your band members to buy tickets for your band leader and a guest. Place the tickets in a greeting card signed by everyone, with thanks and appreciation for all the musical and life lessons you've learnt during the orchestra season.

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