Gifts for a Shoe Freak

Updated March 23, 2017

If you know someone who just can't live without many pairs of shoes, you'll make her day with a shoe-related gift. You don't have to know anything about fashion or leather to buy a gift that a shoe freak will love. Acknowledging her love of shoes with an appropriate gift is a thoughtful gesture that will let her know you care.

In the Kitchen

If the shoe freak you know is also a cook, outfit her kitchen with shoe-themed accessories. Try a cake server shaped like a high-heeled shoe or coasters in the likeness of flip-flops. Get her a set of high heel-shaped cookie cutters or wine stoppers with different shoes as the tops. Or try a cutting board decorated with high heels. For a beer-loving shoe freak, give a bottle opener shaped like a flip-flop.


Pick the top five shoe stores in your city and spend the day taking your shoe freak to each one. Give her a little money to spend at each store, or a set amount for the day. Or, take her to a shoe museum or on a tour of a shoe factory. Drive her to a shoe factory outlet warehouse and play fashion judge while she tries on shoes to her heart's content.

Around the House

Get her a doorstop shaped like a stiletto or a jewellery box made to look like a fancy leopard-print pump. For a gift on the practical side, try a set of shoe trees to keep her shoes well shaped or a closet shoe organiser. Replace her worn doormat with one that features high heels in her favourite colour and a message such as "Wipe your pumps, please." If she's an artsy type, try a shoe sculpture or a picture frame decorated with different shoe magnets.

Jewellery & Accessories

Give the recipient a set of pretty necklace or bracelet charms shaped like different styles of shoes. She can change them depending on her mood, from flip-flops to trainers and stilettos. Fill a shoebox with shoe-decorated facial tissues, shoe polish, pads to cushion the inside of heeled shoes, shoe magnets and shoe-themed stick notes. Or, make her day with a pair of trendy designer shoes (or a convincing knock-off pair) that she's been waiting for all season.

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