Gift Ideas for a Daughter-In-Law

Updated April 17, 2017

Finding a gift for a daughter-in-law can be tricky. On the one hand, you want to show her she is special to you, while on the other, you may not have the benefit of knowing what kinds of things she enjoys. Although it is definitely the thought that counts most, there are a few standby gifts that are likely to go over well with your daughter-in-law.

Spa Certificate

Most women love to be pampered. With a spa certificate, you can let your daughter-in-law choose what service she likes the most. If she is a mother, let her know the gift comes with your desire to see that she gets a little time for herself. Offer to watch the children while she goes, if possible.

Personalised Jewelry

Let your daughter-in-law know you are delighted that she is linked to your son by giving her personalised jewellery. Get her a necklace or bracelet engraved with their birth dates, wedding dates or initials, or opt for something that holds both of their birthstones. If she has children, include their birthstones, as well.

Gift Token

Giving her a gift card for a store she loves is an effective way to allow her the freedom of browsing while getting around a gift that may fall flat. For instance, if you know she loves a certain clothing store, purchase a gift card from there.


Any daughter-in-law appreciates hearing about the man she married, and you are likely the one who knows him best. Write down your favourite memories of him as a boy, and accompany them with pictures whenever possible. Print and bind the pages of the book, and present it to her with a message that the rest of his story is up to her.

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