Angel Cone Craft

Updated July 19, 2017

Angels are heavenly beings that can serve as messengers or protectors. Angel images are appropriate decor items during Christmas or any time of the year. Many times angels are depicted as a cone shape due to the fullness of their gowns. Use various materials to create cone shaped angel crafts for decorations or as a gift.

Paper Cone

Cut a piece of paper into a half circle, then twist it into a cone shape and staple or glue the two edges together to secure it. Draw a face at the point of the cone for the angel's face. Put a small, fake wedding ring on the cone's top to serve as the halo. Cut wings out of cellophane and tape them to the back of the angel's body. Use the cone as a tree topper or as a table top decorative item.

Plastic Foam Cone

Use a plastic foam cone to create an angel craft. Buy a plastic foam cone at a craft supply store. Cover the cone with fabric, trim and secure with pins. Glue a small wooden bead on the top to serve as the angel's head. Attach gold trim with a hot glue gun. Cut a wing shape out of cardboard, paint it white and add to the back of the angel's body. Use the angel as a table top decoration.

Pine Cone Craft

A pine cone is a good base for an angel cone craft. Use a pine cone because of its natural cone shape. Embellish the cone with googly eyes and yarn for hair. Add cardboard wings and a fabric dress to the pine cone. Make a ring out of card stock to provide a stand for the pie cone angel or add a hanging loop to the top to turn it into a Christmas tree ornament.

Other Angel Cone Crafts

Consider using a funnel to create an angel craft. Turn the funnel upside down so the full part of the cone is on the bottom. Paint the funnel white and add embellishments such as gold rickrack to the hem of the garment. Paint a face on the funnel and add yarn hair to the top to create the angel.

Another way to create a cone shaped angel is to cut a white paper plate in half and roll it into a cone shape. Secure it with tape and add embellishments, such as gold glitter and ribbon to create the dress. Use the other half of the paper plate to create the wings of the angel. Simply glue it to the back of the cone to complete the look.

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