How to Make a Lizard Mask

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Young children are often fascinated with all kinds of animals, so it is not surprising that kids desire to imitate an animal during play. Some children may even wish to dress as an animal for Halloween. If a child chooses to pretend to be a lizard, parents can take it one step further and help the child create a homemade lizard mask with just a few craft items.

Flip a paper plate upside down and cut out two eye holes.

Cut small squares out of different shades of green construction paper. Lizards can be brown as well, if your child prefers that colour.

Glue the squares all over the paper plate mask to represent the scaly skin of the lizard.

Place two small black dots in the middle of the mask, underneath of the eyes, to represent the lizard's nose.

Draw a straight line with the marker under the lizard's nose to make a mouth. Lizards don't really have a smile, but your child can always opt to make his lizard smile if he wants to.

Punch a hole in the middle left and right side of the mask and thread a piece of ribbon through each. The the ribbon in a knot near the hole, but let the loose end dangle.

Wait for the glue to dry before placing the mask on your child's face. Tie the two ribbons together in the back so the mask will stay in place.

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