How to make a hippo cake

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The hippopotamus is one of those animals that some people find irresistible. If you are creating a cake for someone who loves hippos, or for a jungle or animal-themed party, consider creating a cake shaped like a hippo.

While a three-dimensional cake of an entire hippo body would be a large task, a cake shaped like a hippo head is much simpler. This is a cake that will delight your friends and family and will make you look like a professional baker.

Place one 20 cm (8 inch) round cake toward the front of the large cake platter. Ice the cake with a layer of grey icing.

Place wooden skewers inside two large marshmallows so that they stick out of one side, but are not visible on the other side. Place the skewers on top of the cake so that the marshmallows are on the side of the cake. They should be about 5 cm (2 inches) apart so that they look like the hippo's large front teeth.

Place the second 20 cm (8 inch) round cake on top of the first one. Make sure that the cake does not flatten the marshmallows. Ice the cake with grey icing. This section will serve as the hippo's mouth.

Use a serrated knife to round the edges of the loaf cake. Place the loaf cake horizontally behind the two round cakes to create the head of the hippo. Ice it with the grey icing.

Use the serrated knife to cut the tops off the cupcakes.

Ice the cupcake tops with grey icing and place them on the outer edge of the stacked round cakes, just above the marshmallow teeth. These will create the hippo's nostrils.

Frost the cupcake bottoms with the grey icing and place them onto the loaf cake, touching the edge of the round cakes to create the hippo's eyes.

Squeeze a round white circle of icing onto each eye. Top the white circles with a smaller black circle to complete the eyes.

Cut two marshmallows into triangular shapes and insert a skewer into each wide bottom so that it does not extend out of the pointed tops. Insert the skewers into the loaf cake to create the hippo's ears. Ice the marshmallows with grey icing.