How to make an anubis mask

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Anubis is an ancient Egyptian god, patron of the dead as they arrived in the underworld. With a half-man, half-animal appearance, his black head resembles a jackal, while his body is human. Making an Anubis mask can be a hands-on learning tool for children studying the gods of ancient Egypt.

Draw the shape of a jackal head, with a wide forehead tapering down to a narrow snout, onto a piece of cardboard. Include the outline of two eyes. Use a pencil to draw the shape. Use scissors to cut out the shape of the head and the holes for the eyes.

Draw the outline of two pointed ears, cut them out and use craft glue to attach them to the back of the head shape.

Make a paper-mache glue by mixing 1 cup flour with 1 cup water. Mix until it's well-blended.

Cut a newspaper into strips approximately 1 inch wide. Dip the strips into the paper-mache glue and begin to cover the cardboard head and ears. Cover both the front and back with the paper strips. Aim for at least three layers of the paper. Allow it to dry overnight.

Paint the entire mask black using acrylic craft paint. Once the black paint dries, add details like nostrils and a mouth at the bottom of the snout. Gray or white paint works for this.

Use a compass or similar sharp instrument to puncture holes at the midpoint of the mask on either side. Thread a piece of elastic through each hole and knot it to secure.

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