How to make a rat mask

Robert Anthony/Hemera/Getty Images

Complete a rat costume for Halloween or for a school play by making a rat mask. Blank half masks are available to decorate into any kind of mask that you need. The rest of the materials you need to form the basic shape of a rat's face can be found in your kitchen or bought inexpensively at a supermarket or the craft store. Follow a specific procedure to make a rat mask that looks fuzzy.

Cut a paper cup in half horizontally. Use masking tape to attach the bottom half of the cup to a blank half mask with the bottom pointing out to form the rat's snout. Tape a small paper plate to each top corner of the mask for the ears and cut a point at the end of them with scissors.

Tear up four or five sheets of grey tissue paper into 1.2-cm (1/2-inch) wide pieces. Spread white craft glue on a blank half mask and glue a layer of the tissue paper onto the mask. Wait three hours for the glue to dry and add another layer. Repeat the process until you have added four layers.

Cut two triangles out of pink construction paper that are two times smaller than the ears. Glue them to the middle of each ear. Cut out a pink circle that is slightly smaller than the end of the snout and glue it to the end of the snout for the nose.

Poke a hole all the way through the snout, about 25 mm (1 inch) from the end, with a sharp pencil or other sharp object. Feed three white or light grey pipe cleaners through the holes and spread them apart slightly to form the whiskers.

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