How to Make a 3-D Cardboard Goat Images

Create a three-dimensional cardboard goat as part of a school art display or an afternoon craft at home. All you need are some basic supplies that are readily available at any arts and crafts store. If you find that you are especially adept at such art projects, you can sell your pieces at local art shows, craft fairs and festivals.

Cut a piece of bendable cardboard with scissors to create the goat body. The size of the body depends on how large a goat you want. Bring the end pieces together to form a cylinder using hot glue and a hot glue gun. Use the cylinder horizontally to make the body.

Cut out a goat head from bendable cardboard based on a template or your own sketch. The size of the head must be in proportion to the goat body. Cut out the face, including the ears; you will use other materials for the goat horns. Leave extra paper around the goat "cheeks." Bring these pieces together in the back of the head with hot glue to create a 3-D head.

Attach four empty toilet paper rolls to the bottom of the goat body with hot glue. Depending on the size of your creation, you can also use empty paper towel rolls. If desired, cut out four pieces of cardboard in the shape of hooves to hot-glue to the front of the toilet paper rolls.

Glue the goat head to the body with hot glue. Curl pieces of grey or brown pipe cleaner to make the goat horns, as well as the tail. Attach the pieces using hot glue.

Draw a goat face on the head with a black marker, then paint the figure as desired. Use white, black, brown or off-white colours, or use a wider colour palette to create a variety of swirling designs and patterns.

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