How to make fake cigars

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If you are putting together a theatrical production, it is helpful to have costumes and costume accessories that will add to the development of the characters in the play. For example, you can have a businessman or a mafia leader in a play carry a prop cigar to make him look more authentic. You can make your own prop cigars using basic craft materials that can be found at an art-supply store.

Cut a toilet-paper tube down its length.

Roll the tube back up tightly, starting at one of the longest sides, and working your way to the opposite side.

Tape the roll lengthwise with masking tape to secure it.

Cut the ends of the roll into points using scissors.

Snip the very tips to round them out slightly.

Apply craft glue to the outside of the roll.

Wrap brown crepe paper around the roll in a spiral, starting at one end and wrapping it around the roll until you reach the other end.

Cut out a 2-inch-long, 1/2-inch-wide rectangle from gold foil, which can be found at a craft store.

Wrap the rectangle around the middle of the cigar form, and glue the ends to secure it. This will make it look like a real cigar.

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