How to Make a Duck Sock Puppet

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Sock puppets are popular on children's televisions shows and in classrooms. Teachers often have the children make sock puppets and perform for the class. You can make a duck sock puppet in less than an hour with many items you already have at home. Children can create one with minimal help from an adult.

The children will have a toy that will entertain them for hours. This duck is only the head an neck of the duck. Your arm works as the neck of the duck. Since a duck has such a long neck, there is no need to add body, wings and feet.

Paint the tube sock with fabric paint to match the type of duck you want. Wait for the paint to dry. The area from your wrist to your fingertips will be the duck's face.

Cut across the seam at the toe of the tube sock.

Cut out 3-by-5-inch oval shapes from a milk carton and a piece of pink felt.

Glue the pink felt to the milk carton cutout. Wait for the glue to dry before folding the oval in half. This is the inside of the mouth.

Cut a piece of red felt to measure 2 inches by 1 inch. Round off one of the ends of the felt. Glue this to the top of the pink felt inside the fold. This is the tongue.

Glue the mouth to the hole in the sock at the toe. Glue the fabric of the sock to the entire surface of the cardboard. Cut away any excess fabric. This is the bill of the duck. Wait for the glue to dry before trying the puppet out on your hand.

Paint the bill yellow or orange. Add detail by gently rubbing black chalk around the edges of the bill and making two small black lines centred on the top of the bill.

Fill a small sock with newspaper or dryer lint. Paint the sock with fabric paint in the desired colour for the face. Hide the end of the sock by gluing it shut. Glue the filled sock to the top of the tube sock, just behind the bill. Ensure that the small sock is filled enough that when placed on top of the tube sock it covers the entire area behind the bill to the ankle of the sock.

Attach two wiggly eyes to the filled sock.