How to Build an Army Tank Out From Cardboard Boxes

crawling soldier in the air image by timur1970 from

Kids can have as much fun making their toys as playing with them. It is not difficult to make a cardboard tank. Making toys or crafts are a fun activity for parents and children to do together. A handmade toy is unique and the process of making it is educational. Your child can learn how to design an object and how to follow the necessary steps in building it. Once your child learns how to make his or her own tank they can make a whole tank battalion.

Decorate a shoebox with camouflage. This will be the body of the tank. Find a sturdy shoebox and use green, brown, and black makers to make camouflage designs.

Design a movable turret with a smaller box. Find a small round-shaped box that fits on top of the shoebox. Colour it with camouflage colours. Use a very small screw and bolt to attach it the centre of the shoebox. This will allow the turret to rotate.

Roll a piece of cardboard into the shape of a gun barrel. Decide the length of the gun you need. Cut a piece of cardboard to the appropriate length. Roll it into the shape of a barrel and tape it. Glue it onto the turret.

Make your own tank treads. Use three pencils as axles. Cut wholes in the box and put them in and then glue a wheel on each end. Find two large rubber bands or resistance bands that fit snugly on the wheels.

Place a gunner in the turret. Cut a hole in the turret for an army figurine and then your tank is ready to go.

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