How to make homemade elf costumes

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If you need an elf costume this Christmas, break out your crafty skills and make homemade elf costumes for your whole family. Using a few items from around the house and a few craft store finds, you can make homemade elf costumes for everyone.

Put a jingle in your steps this holiday season whenever you don your homemade elf costume.

Take an oversized turtleneck and a simple vest in holiday colours and cut the hems to make an oversized jagged hem.

Cut large circles out of felt and glue them onto the buttons of the vest to make them seem oversized and cartoonish.

Cut a strip of felt fabric with a jagged edge and use craft glue or a needle and thread to attach it to the ankles of a pair of ankle-high slippers. Sew or glue a jingle bell onto the toe section of each slipper.

Put on the turtleneck as your elf tunic with coloured tights underneath. Add a rope or ribbon tied around the waist for a belt and then put your vest on top. Finish the outfit with your jingle elf slippers and a Santa style hat.