How to make head boppers

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Head boppers are festive headpieces kids and adults often wear during celebrations. They are worn as a headband across the top of the head. Lights, miniature figurines or traditional festive symbols sit on top of sticks or springs mounted on top of the head band. Make your own head bopper using items found in your home. Customise your head bopper by adding family photos or the wearer's initials. Add fabric to the head band or glue feathers onto the protruding curls.

Science head bopper

Hold the headband and look at the top portion. Determine the placement of the four science boppers so the boppers stand up in equally divided spaces across the top of the headband. Use a pen to make a mark on the headband indicating where the boppers will be added.

Take two of the chenille stems and wind these together around the top of the headband on the area of one of the boppers. Take two more chenille stems and do the same method on the other marked area.

Curl the remaining four chenille stems around the pen or pencil and remove the spring-formed stems. Use the marks on the headband to show you where to add the curled stems. Twist the bottom end of each of the stems around the headband so the rest of the stem springs straight up off the headband.

Use precut science shapes, or make your own shapes by tracing and cutting science-themed shapes from the foam paper. Hot glue the shapes to the top ends of each of the curled stems.

Shamrock head bopper

Curl the two green chenille stems around the pen or pencil to create a curl. Twist the ends of the curled stems onto the headband so the curls stick out of the top like antennae.

Cut out two large shamrocks or use two precut shamrocks. Use hot glue to attach the shamrocks to the top of the curled stems.

Spread white glue over the front of the shamrocks. Sprinkle glitter over the glue and let dry.

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