Troll Crafts

Updated February 21, 2017

Whether you're looking for an enrichment activity to accompany the fairy tale "Three Billy Goats Gruff," you're examining the folklore of the Norwegian culture or you simply like trolls, consider creating troll crafts. These crafts can be used to retell the famed fairy tale, or they can be used as decorations for a classroom or home.

Cork Trolls

Craft trolls from corks. To do so, you'll need to glue one cork on top of another; the bottom cork will serve as the body and the top cork will serve as the head of the troll. To transform the corks into trolls, use pieces of fabric, yarn, crepe paper, marker and googly eyes to decorate them. For example, you could glue fabric around the body for clothing, glue yarn onto the top of the head as hair, glue googly eyes on the head and use markers to create a face.

Toliet Paper Roll Troll

An empty toilet paper roll can be used as the basis for a troll craft. To turn the toilet paper roll into a troll, paint or use marker to colour the lower three-quarters of the roll -- create patterns or add other embellishments, making clothing for the craft. Use paint or marker to draw your interpretation of a troll's face on the remaining quarter of the toilet paper roll; you could use markers, paint, googly eyes, pieces of craft foam or construction paper to create the face. Pull apart pieces of cotton to make it fluffy and glue it to the top of the roll, creating wild hair for the troll.

Troll Puppet

Turn a brown paper bag into a troll puppet. Visit the Best Kids Booksite and print out the template that is provided, or create your own features for the troll puppet from construction paper. If you choose the latter option, you could create big eyes and garish hair, design large ears and other features from construction paper. Lay the paper bag upside-down on a flat surface with the flap pointing out and glue the template pieces or the pieces you've created yourself onto the paper bag. Place the completed craft on your hand and use it to tell or retell a story.

Troll Mask

Make a troll mask from a paper plate or a round piece of poster board. Cut out eye holes in either a paper plate or a piece of poster board that has been cut into a circle. Draw facial features onto the medium with markers and crayons; you could also glue on features that have been cut out from construction paper. For hair, cut lengths of yarn and glue them to the top of the plate, or glue fluffed-up pieces of cotton to the top of the plate. Punch holes in either side of the plate, thread elastic through the holes, knot the ends and wear the mask to dress up as a troll.

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