Cute & Easy Ways to Put Up a Little Girl's Hair

Updated March 23, 2017

Putting up a little girl's hair can look cute and also help keep hair out of her way during play. There are many ways to put up medium to long length hair that go beyond the basic ponytail and pigtails. The hairdos can be done in less than 10 minutes and aren't complicated. Oftentimes, you begin with making a basic ponytail or pigtails.

Pigtails with Buns

Pigtails are common and cute on little girls, but you can take this style a step further by making them into buns and adding a cute bow to each one. Make pigtails with your little girl's hair and secure them with elastic bands. For the last pull-through, only pull it to the point where you've formed a small loop. The rest of the hair at the end of the pigtail gets twisted and wrapped around the small loop. Secure the bun in place with another elastic band and add a cute bow to it.

Pigtails with Hearts

Add hearts to your little girl's pigtails for a creative and sweet look. Make pigtails with your little girl's hair and secure them with elastic bands. Take 1/4 of hair from the top of each pigtail to create a separate strand and tie another elastic band near the top of it, about one inch below the first elastic band. Split the strand of hair at the end of the new elastic band into two parts and form a heart shape. Keep it in place by tying it down to the elastic band holding the entire pigtail and keeping it upright with hair clips. You can continue to make more hearts with the remaining strand of hair or leave it as is.

Twist Fan

Make the back on your little girl's hair look like a fan made up of twisted strands of hair in less than five minutes. This hairdo looks more complicated than it is. Tie your little girl's hair in a ponytail in the mid to lower section of her head. Take small sections from the ponytail and twist them until you near the end of the strand. Place the strand up against her head and use a mini-clip to keep it in place. Continue to twist other strands and place them against her head to form a fan shape.

Triple Twist

The Triple Twist is one of the most simple hairdos you can do for a little girl. It involves twist braiding and basic braiding. Separate hair into three sections and twist braid each one separately, tying an elastic band at the end of each section. Twist braiding is done by making two strands and twisting one over the other throughout its length. Take the three twist braid strands and make a basic braid with them. Tie the end of the braids together with another elastic band and the hairdo is complete.

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