Wedding Hairstyles With Bangs

Updated April 17, 2017

Your big day is finally here and you've got the perfect dress, shoes and accessories; now all you need is the perfect hairstyle. You have a huge selection of memorable wedding hairstyles from which to choose, even if you decide you want to wear fringe. You can create an elegant style that features fringe to complete your wedding day look.

Bob With Chinese Bangs

This style will give you the look of a chic, modern bride. Chinese fringe are usually cut to lay at or above your eyebrows, so you can reveal more of your face. You can achieve your perfect look with long or short tresses. You can use accessories to match your wedding day apparel to pin longer hair behind your ears, if desired. The bob with fringe style is a cute and classy choice that won't interfere with veils or other wedding headdresses.

Pin-curled Up-do With Bangs

Pin-curled up-dos are a popular wedding hairstyle with many brides since they're simple, elegant and creative. Start out by brushing your hair up into a high ponytail. With a medium barrel curling iron, curl the hair left out of the ponytail in small sections. Take each curled section and bend into a circular shape, and secure with a hair pin, forming a pin-curl. Repeat this process until all the curled pieces have been formed into pin-curls. Flat-iron or curl your fringe, add your wedding accessories and/or headdress, and you're all set.

Spiral Curls With Bangs

Give yourself a sexy and alluring wedding hairstyle with spiral curls and fringe. This style is easy to create and will give you a sassy look with beautiful ringlets of curls and sleek fringe. Medium or large spiral curls are recommended to achieve this style. You can achieve the perfect spiral curl wedding style with long or short hair. Accent this style with beautiful accessories to complete your wedding day look.

Traditional Bun With Bangs

A bun is a traditional component in wedding hairstyles. Many women choose them because of their elegance, simplicity, and ease when paired with elaborate veils or other headdresses. This simple style can be achieved by pulling all your hair (except for your fringe) back into a ponytail and securing it in a bun by twisting it under and pinning it as you go until your bun is complete. Flat-iron or curl your fringe and your style is complete.

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