Special Engravable Birthday Gifts for a Boyfriend

Updated April 17, 2017

Celebrating your boyfriend's birthday provides the ideal opportunity to show him your true feelings by giving him a meaningful gift. Give him a personalised gift that you have had especially engraved. Engrave his name, initials or a short message onto the gift of your choice. Give him something useful or meant for display.


Give your boyfriend an engraved piece of jewellery as a birthday gift. Pick a piece of jewellery that suits his taste and needs. Choose from a wrist watch, pocket watch, cuff links, tie clip or dog tag on a chain. Select a gold, silver, platinum, titanium or sterling silver material. Engrave your boyfriend's initials, name, a short message or a monogram onto the piece of jewellery. Have the engraving placed in a location where it can be easily seen by all or hidden for his eyes only.

Drinking Containers

Surprise your boyfriend with a meaningful engraved drinking container. Pick a container that will allow your boyfriend to enjoy his favourite beverage. He may enjoy beer, water, coffee, tea or hard liquor. Choose from a beer pitcher, beer mug, Pilsner glass, shot glass, wine glass, flask, travel mug or water bottle. Engrave your boyfriend's name, initials, a short message or even his favourite sports team name onto the drinking container. Complement this gift by pairing it with the type of beverage it is meant to hold.

Picture Frame

Give your boyfriend a special engraved picture frame as a birthday gift. Engrave his name, initials, a special quote or message or both of your names onto the picture frame. Frame a photo of the two of you together sharing a meaningful moment in your relationship. Another option is to frame a photo of just you so he can display it on his desk, night stand or a display shelf within his home.

Office Item

Present your boyfriend with a useful, engraved office item as a birthday gift. Pick something that can be of use for your boyfriend in his home office or place of business. Consider what he may already own and the type of work lifestyle he leads. Choose from a business card holder, desktop name plate, clock, memo pad holder, pen set, letter opener or portfolio. Engrave his name, initials or company name onto the office item.

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