Easy Gifts for the Male Teacher

Written by k.c. moore | 13/05/2017
Easy Gifts for the Male Teacher
Gifts for a male teacher differ from those for a female teacher. (Hemera Technologies/PhotoObjects.net/Getty Images)

It is traditional for students, parents and faculty members to give gifts to a teacher for the holidays and other celebrations, but the gifts you would buy for a female teacher may not appeal to male teachers. Male teachers enjoy practical gifts that they can use and or fun gifts they can enjoy more than sentimental gifts. Select a gift that is interactive and inexpensive for a male teacher.

Beverage Gifts

Most teachers need a cup of coffee in the morning to get them through the day. Buy a male teacher a travel coffee cup or a coffee mug with a teacher-related message or design. A gift basket of different coffee roasts and flavoured creamers lets him have a coffeehouse experience at home or in the teacher's lounge. A reusable aluminium water bottle is another drink idea, especially for a gym teacher. These bottles can be purchased with teacher-related designs or engraved for a personal touch.

Food Gifts

Easy Gifts for the Male Teacher
Cookies make a sweet gift for a male teacher. (Jupiterimages/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images)

Students used to give their teacher gifts of apples, but nowadays any food item is a good selection. Sweets like homemade cookies, brownies or fudge are popular choices. A fruit basket, cookie basket or other food gift set is a festive and delicious way to show your appreciation. Even if the teacher doesn't want his students eating candy in class he won't be able to resist artisan chocolates or a bag of personalised M&Ms.

Media Gifts

Give the gift of entertainment with a media gift -- a book or movie. Search your local bookstore for inspirational or humorous slice-of-life books about teaching. He will appreciate a movie about a male teacher making a difference in his students' lives like "Lean on Me," "Mr. Holland's Opus" or "Pay It Forward." Look for media gifts that he can use in the classroom, such as fun science facts, educational documentaries or rainy-day brain teasers.

Gift Tokens

In some situations a gift token might be your best option if you want to make sure he gets something he will like. Gift tokens that allow him to enjoy his leisure time at a cinema, coffee shop or restaurant are a smart choice. Many teachers pay out of pocket for classroom supplies, so give him a gift card for a teacher store or office-supply store. A gift card to a department store gives him multiple options for spending the money.

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