Unique & Homemade Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Updated March 23, 2017

You've combed all the stores for that perfect anniversary gift, but just can't find what you're looking for. Or you prefer to give your sweetie something with a personal and creative touch. Instead of buying an anniversary gift, make your spouse a unique and homemade anniversary gift that he'll cherish forever.

Food and Drink

Even the most ordinary treats can be unique with a few creative touches. Bake an anniversary cake for your spouse; make his favourite kind of cake and use his favourite colours on the icing. Find a cake-topper of a couple holding hands and write a loving message on the cake.

Or, cook an extravagant dinner for her, choosing some of her favourite foods. You could also bake batches of her favourite cookies and hide them in several places, such as her bedside table, briefcase and bathroom cabinet. Bag them and tie on a ribbon and small card with a private message. Or create a gift basket of handmade treats.

Home Decor

Brighten up his office space with a tapestry hand-sewn by you. Or, collect several favourite pictures of you and her and use the photos to create an online or physical photo collage. Make copies of the pictures, then cut out everything except the two of you. Tape all the portions together, then laminate it. Put it in a picture frame or over your bed.

If you're handy with wood, make her a one-of-a-kind wine rack. Paint it and inscribe a message of love on the back.

Sentimental Gifts

Cover and decorate a shoebox, then fill it with tiny gifts that represent your favourite times together; for example, a seashell could represent your first beach trip together. Include little notes about the items.

Buy a small, sturdy scrapbook, and then pick a dozen or so different flowers. Press one on each page. Above every flower, write a reason why the flower reminds you of her.

You could also enlist the help of a guitar-playing friend to write a song for her. Write the lyrics yourself, then let your friend set it to music. Frame the handwritten lyrics and give them to her along with a recording of the song.

Playful Gifts

Create a scavenger hunt for your husband to complete within your home. When he finishes, give him his gift: you, waiting in some naughty lingerie with strawberries and champagne.

You could also create anniversary gifts together; get some large paper and paint, then spend an afternoon together making a portrait of the other.

Or, play a private game with your wife. Tell her to think of 20 things about herself that she thinks you should know, and you do the same for her. On your anniversary, take turns asking one another the questions. When you miss one, you have to give a five-minute foot rub (or other small gift). Whoever gets the most questions wrong has to cook dinner.

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