Homemade birthday gift ideas for my boyfriend

Updated November 21, 2016

If you are looking for the perfect birthday gift for your boyfriend, consider making him a homemade present. Not only will it be easier on your pocketbook, but the personal touch might reach his sentimental side. Make sure to give yourself enough time to make the homemade gift before his birthday.

Fleece Blanket

If you live in a cold climate or want an excuse to snuggle with your boyfriend, consider making him a fleece blanket for his birthday. Buy 2 yards of fleece material, one solid colour for the back and one print material for the front, featuring his favourite sports team or interest. Trim off the rough edges on each side with scissors before cutting a 5-inch square from each corner. Cut fringe around each piece of fabric and then tie the front and back pieces together.

Love Poem

A love poem might be one of the easiest homemade birthday gifts to make for your boyfriend. Think about the qualities that make him special to you before drafting a love poem. If you find it difficult to put your feelings on paper, search online for famous love poems for inspiration. Consider giving him a copy of a famous love poem that speaks to how you feel about him.

Baked Goods

The old proverb "the way to a man's heart is through his stomach" might be an indication to give your boyfriend homemade baked goods for his birthday. Consider making him a cookie or muffin basket filled with dozens of different homemade cookies or muffins, including his favourite. Your boyfriend might also appreciate a unique, specially made birthday cake or dessert on his birthday. Think about cooking him a homemade dinner, complete with his favourite dishes, before giving him his personalised batch of baked goods.


Use photos of your boyfriend doing some of his favourite things, such as travelling or hunting, and make a personalised photo calendar as a homemade birthday gift. Consider using a photo of you or the two of you together to put in a nice frame which you could personalised by writing small love notes on it. Take it another step and gather photos of the two of you together and start a scrapbook or photo album for him.

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