Adult Halloween costume ideas for "Dirty Dancing"

Updated April 17, 2017

In 1987, a low-budget movie called "Dirty Dancing" shocked the masses by becoming a box office hit and an instant cult classic. Even in 2011, Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey's portrayals of Johnny and Baby remain etched in moviegoers' minds. To dress up as these iconic characters, emulate the scene in the last few minutes of the film when Johnny and Baby truly shine. Get dressed, and dance your way out of the corner and into the spotlight.


Dressing up as Baby and Johnny at the film's sizzling ending doesn't require much. For Johnny, you'll simply need a pair of fitted black dress trousers and a fitted black button-down shirt. Leave the top few buttons undone, and roll up your sleeves above your elbows. For Baby, look for an above-the-knee, spaghetti-strapped simple dress. Her dress was pastel pink, but any light colour will do. Wear a tulle skirt underneath to give your dress the same type of volume.


Neither Baby nor Johnny wore much when it came to accessories, making your job easier when creating the costume. You can add a few accessories to enhance your costume, however. For Johnny, wear a pair of all black sunglasses and a black belt. For Baby, small earrings are the only pieces of jewellery you need. This is your costume and time to shine, though, so add whichever accessories you feel comfortable in. When picking shoes, look for black dress shoes for Johnny and strappy silver high heels for Baby.


When getting dressed, don't forget to get the hair just right. For Johnny, comb back your hair on each side and use hairspray or gel to keep it in place. Gel the top as well, but give it some volume. For Baby's look, tousle your hair into loose waves or curls. You may want to tease it for extra volume. Use hairspray generously to keep it in place.


Baby's character was only 16 years old in the movie and didn't wear much make-up. To create her look, stick to neutral colours. Keep any eye shadow or blush light in nature with a subtle shimmer. Applying some bronzer on your cheekbones can give you that same summertime glow Baby had in the movie. Brush on some mascara, but skip the eye liner. Finally, dabble on a light-coral or pink lip gloss.

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