Easy Witch Makeup Ideas

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Witch costumes are a staple of Halloween and costume parties because they are recognisable and easy to put together. Witch make-up can be applied in minutes and often does not require any special effects make-up. There are many kinds of witch looks, some of which can be achieved with what you already have in your make-up bag.

Wicked Witch

The classic Wicked Witch of the East is the prototype for bad witches everywhere and easy to recreate. Put foundation or eyeshadow primer over the entire face and neck as a base. Use green eyeshadow, preferably cream based with glitter, over the face and neck. Add some wrinkle lines to the forehead and mouth creases with a brown or black eyeliner pencil. Top off the look with a mole on the nose using a black or green, round stick-on earring.

Old Witch

Cover the face, neck and hands with white cover-up or a very pale foundation for your skin colour. Add a black mole to the chin using black eyeliner. Use eyelash glue to attach a few long hairs to the mole. Draw wrinkle lines with a black or brown eyeliner on the forehead, mouth and hands following the veins. Use grey or light brown eyeshadow under the eyelids for under-eye bags and dab a few age spots using brown eyeshadow around the face and hands.

Good Witch

The good witch should be light and pretty, almost like a fairy. Prime the face with your normal foundation and apply a pastel colour eyeshadow like pink or purple on the eyes and regular eyeliner. Use a bright blush on the cheeks and apply normally. Glue on extremely long fake eyelashes and finish by covering the whole face with iridescent glitter powder.

Sexy Witch

The sexy witch is mostly determined by the costume, but the make-up helps to complete the look. Cover the face with normal foundation and use a charcoal or black eyeshadow to accentuate the eyes. The eyeshadow should start at the last line and extend diagonally up past the crease to form a point at the socket. Use eyebrow liner or shadow to darken and shape the eyebrows in a high arch. Use regular blush and mascara. Draw a spider on one cheek with an eyeliner pencil for the finishing touch --- or you can use a spider sticker.

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