How to Do Chav Makeup

sports suit with a hood image by terex from

The "Chav" look, as popularised by Little Britain's Vicky Pollard, is popular for costume parties.

It is a parody of the look worn by the inhabitants of British council estates, and can be put together very easily with ordinary make-up and accessorised with hoop earrings, training shoes or stiletto heels, and leisurewear such as track suit tops and bottoms.

Scrape your hair back very severely from your face and secure in a tight ponytail preferably with a brightly coloured hair band, thus achieving what is known as the "Croydon facelift."

Apply a thick layer of orange-coloured foundation, about three shades darker than your natural skin tone, to your face. For extra authenticity leave your neck with no make-up.

Apply the thickest black mascara you can find to your eyelashes until they are liberally coated and flicked at the corners. Alternatively, buy and stick on the largest, thickest false eyelashes that you can find.

Apply eyeshadow in a metallic sheen, either silver or gold, and coloured glitter eyeliner in a bright colour. Blue is a popular choice.

Apply thick concealer and then pale pink lip gloss and brown lipliner to your lips. They should look as shiny as possible.