Witch Makeup Ideas for a Little Girl

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Little witches gracing the streets at night on Halloween aren't forced into being green with warts anymore. Little witches have options as to their wardrobe and make-up choices. Girls can transform into pretty witches, Gothic witches, spooky undead witches, sparkling fairy-witches or a hybrid of any of those choices.

Choose make-up that is age-appropriate for the witch. Test the make-up on her arm first before placing it on her face on Halloween.

Undead Witches

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Undead witches are enjoyed for being a bit "rough around the edges." It's all right if their outfit is torn, and it won't hurt if a tear here and there happens on purpose. These witches need pale make-up, not white. Use the shade called "Porcelain" by many companies, and "Ivory" by others. It should be lighter than the witch's normal skin tone. Pat the skin dry with a bit of talc (not too much) when finished. Use a lip conditioner beneath black, dark red or brown lipstick. Blend grey eyeshadow around the eyes to create a shadowed effect. Avoid using mascara or eyeliner, however create darkened eyebrows with eyebrow pencil.

Medieval Witches

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Medieval witches are known by their long hair and their otherwise plain appearance. They don't dress in fancy costumes or wear colour. Modern-day "medieval" witches do, however, sport black lips and blush on Halloween. These witches usually wear false eyelashes, glow-in-the-dark eyeshadow and black fingernail polish. These witches, being true children of the night, just want to have fun on Halloween.

Gothic Witches

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Gothic witches enjoy red and black colours in their costumes and in their make-up. A dab of black eyeshadow, evenly blended and a bit of red blush adds to the Gothic look for little girls. Apply red lipstick and a bit of red to the tip of the nose. Blend the red on the nose and on the cheeks to give the face a rosy appearance. Apply black eyebrow pencil to the eyebrows, and give the eyebrows thinned, dark lines.

Fairy-Witch Hybrids

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For girls of all ages, fairy-witch hybrid make-up styles are always exciting choices on Halloween. Use glow-in-the-dark glistening make-up around the eyes to create a base design, such as a mask-look, a butterfly design, wing design or simply wisps of glow-in-the-dark paint framing the face that resemble small, curly falling stars. Paint an insect, animal or item of her choice on her cheek, such as a frog, a dragonfly, a wand or a moon. Use a natural lipstick shade with glistening gloss.