How to wear a bandanna on your pants

Bandannas have been a popular accessory for decades. However, do not think that you are limited to wearing a bandanna either on your head or around your neck. A bandanna is a quick and easy way to add some pizazz to your trousers. Whether you simply tie it on to your jeans or slightly alter the design of your trousers to include the bandanna, you are guaranteed to make a splash with this new addition to your wardrobe.

Fold the bandanna into a triangle measuring about one third of its original size. Tuck half of the triangle into your back pocket, leaving the other half revealed.

Undo the stitching on the middle of the pocket to partially detach the pocket from the jeans. String the bandanna through the opening and tie it in a loose knot. You may wish to enlist the help of a seamstress or tailor for this project.

Fold the bandanna into a long strip. Tie the strip around one of the belt loops on your trousers.

Fold two bandannas into long strips. Tie the two strips together with a double knot and wear your creation as a belt.

Cut the bandanna into strips. Arrange the strips in an overlapping pattern and sew them onto your pockets.

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