How to make an easy tudor costume

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The Tudors ruled England from 1485 until 1603. Men's clothing during the early Tudor period was characterised by its square shape, and was replaced by a sleeker look during the later years. You can easily recreate a men's Tudor costume with a few simple supplies.

Sew a tunic. Purchase a pattern from a sewing or crafts supply store so that your tunic is accurate and the ideal size. The tunic would ideally be made out of an elegant type of fabric, such as velvet, in a rich colour. Alternatively, you can purchase a tunic. In any case, the tunic should be long enough to hit at mid-thigh or just above the knee.

Line the tunic with a braided trim. The trim should be gold in colour and can be sewn on or glued on with fabric glue. The tunic should be lined on the sleeves, bottom and collar. A ruffled undershirt should be worn underneath the finished tunic, as the late Tudor style called for ruffles around the neck.

Add tights. Purchase tights or leggings in a similar colour as the tunic.

Accessorise your costume. Accessories such as suede boots (preferably in an earthy tone) and hat should be added to your Tudor costume. The Tudor hat is similar to a beret, and a brightly-coloured feather should be inserted into the band of the hat. Necklaces, pendants or other jewellery also can be added.

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