Cute Crafts to Make For Your Boyfriend

Updated February 21, 2017

Homemade gifts don't have to be expensive or flashy to be appreciated. As a matter of fact, your boyfriend would likely enjoy getting a gift that he knew was made just for him. A handmade gift shows how thoughtful and considerate you are, as well as showcases your crafting talents and creativity.

Picture Frame

Create a custom picture frame for your boyfriend from an unfinished wooded frame, acrylic paint and any decorative items you like, such as buttons, ribbons or dried flowers. Protect your work surface with a layer of paper towels or newspaper and paint the unfinished frame a solid base colour. Allow it to dry and then add decorative touches, like painted stripes, polka-dots, swirls or hearts; if desired, paint a sweet message onto the frame. Allow the paint to dry. Use a hot-glue gun or craft glue to attach other decorative items. Let the frame dry fully before replacing the glass and inserting a picture of you and your boyfriend.

Keepsake Box

Make a keepsake box for your boyfriend. Start with a papier-mâché lidded box purchased from your local craft store or use a lidded cardboard box that is in perfect condition. Cover your flat workstation with newspaper or paper towel to protect its surface and set out your supplies. You'll need acrylic paint, a hot glue gun or craft glue, and decorative items like dried flowers, wooden letters or shapes and buttons. Paint both the box and its lid, and allow them to dry. Paint a cute message on the lid and allow it to dry. Glue your decorative items to the lid or the sides of the box. As the glue dries, write a personal message on the inside bottom of the box, date and sign it.

Personalised Bookmark

Use a picture of you and your boyfriend to make a personalised bookmark. If you have at least four small attached pictures, like the kind you get in a mall photo booth, use these. If not, trim 4-by-6-inch pictures to your preferred sizes and attach them together. Cut a coloured piece of poster board to the width of the pictures and a length of 7 inches, and glue the picture or attached pictures to the poster board. Use a felt-tipped marker to write a personal note or draw a few hearts on the poster board. Wrap both sides of the poster board with a self-adhesive laminate covering to protect the bookmark from spills or scratches.

Custom Candle

While many guys enjoy candles, few of them actually buy any for themselves. To remedy this, make your guy some custom candles he can enjoy in his home. Buy some plain, white candles and use a dull-tipped pencil to mark a design in the candles' wax. Trace the designs a few times so that a depression is formed in the wax. Using a fine-tipped paintbrush, paint over your impressions with the acrylic paint colour of your choice. The paint should stay within the grooves created by your pencil. Use a tissue or cotton swab to wipe away any paint drips. Allow the paint to dry.

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