Ideas for a Wedding Gift from a Wife to a Husband

Updated April 17, 2017

Your wedding day is filled with unforgettable moments. Add an unforgettable gift to that special day by giving your husband a meaningful wedding gift that shows him how much you love him. Both pricey and inexpensive options are available, but the important part of selecting a gift lies in choosing one that signifies your feelings on the day you say "I do."


Give your husband a masculine ring, necklace, pocket watch or bracelet. Select an item made from materials such as gold, silver, stainless steel, pewter, titanium, platinum or tungsten, and personalise it by engraving his name, initials or a short phrase on it. Rings can even be customised with an engraved photo of a couple.


Give your husband a framed, engraved or bottled love poem. Write your own love poem to him or use one of your favourites, and frame it alone or with a photo. You can also have the words engraved on a plaque. Another creative option is to have the words typed or handwritten onto a piece of decorative paper, roll it up and place it in a decorative bottle for display purposes.

Reasons I Love You

Tell your husband reasons you love him through a creative gift. Have reasons you love him written onto stones and place them into a decorative bag. Another option is to make a book with 100 (or more) reasons you love him, one for each page of the book. Include photos of memorable moments as well.

Jar of Messages

Give your new husband a decorative jar full of messages. The messages can be personalised love messages that you wrote for him or generic love notes. The messages can be written on decorative paper pieces or placed in little envelopes. The idea is for your husband to have a new message to open each day of your first year of marriage. Aim to fit 365 messages in your jar.

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