Quiff hairstyles for men

Updated February 21, 2017

The quiff is a component of a hairstyle which involves the man adding volume and emphasis to the hair at the front of his head. The style was a feature of men's hair in the 1950s and survives in several different forms. Straight, wavy and curly hair is suitable for a quiff style, but styling products such as gel are necessary for the style to hold.


A quiff requires special hairstyling skills. The hair above the forehead in the centre needs to be taller and more volumised than normal. A man therefore needs to use products to hold the quiff in place and he also needs a comb or a brush to arrange the quiff. Gel is sufficient for a short quiff, but longer hair needs something extra, such as hairspray or pins.


A man with short hair can add a quiff to his style if the hair at the top of the head can hold it. He needs to run gel through damp hair which adds volume. Then he can use his hands and direct his hair forward and upward at the front. Then he can add a twist at the end of the pointed piece of hair and fix it in place with a holding creme. This style is known as a twisted quiff and is suitable for wavy and straight hair.


Medium hair is more versatile when it comes to quiffs. A man can style the front of his straight hair straight up off his face, and incorporate the hair forward from the back of the head for volume, which results in a modern quiff look. A traditional 1950s quiff look requires gel and a comb. In this case, the man combs his heavily gelled hair forward and twists his comb to form a peak at the front of the head. A rockabilly quiff can also take the form of a large and fluffy quiff at the front of the head with lightly combed-back sides, which also suits wavy, thick hair.


Long hair is also amenable to a quiff. The knack to a quiff for a long-haired man is the use of hairpins for extra hold. Backcombing is important for a man to create volume for this look. A hairbrush that he runs down the hair at the front of the head from the ends toward the roots bunches the hair at the root and adds volume. He can then use a paddle brush and smooth the front layer of the backcombed hair. A gathering and twist of the ends of the quiff at the crown of the head holds the hair in place and he can fix it to the hair further back with a few hairpins. Hairspray holds the look in place. This look, combined with poker-straight hair, is called the rock quiff style or the rocker quiff style.

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