How to thin bangs

Thin fringe that are too thick with thinning shears. Thick fringe are a result of infrequent haircuts or naturally thick hair. While having thick hair is fabulous, it can also be a burden when trying to style fringe. Thinning the bang area is simple and does not require a trip to the beauty salon every time you need a trim. Purchase the shears yourself and go to work on your hair every three to six months. Thinning shears will not only help thin the bang area but they can also add texture to fringe and create a fringe edge for a trendy bang style.

Brush fringe forward over your forehead. Use the end of a rattail comb to split the fringe in half horizontally. Pull the upper layer of the fringe back toward the crown of your head and pin. You will thin the fringe in two separate layers.

Hold the thinning shears vertical to your head or parallel to your fringe. Open the scissors to reveal a 1-inch gap between the blades.

Glide the scissors through the hair to shave the fringe, starting in the centre of the fringe, about 3 inches from the scalp. The blades of the scissors will cut the hair; there is no need to close the scissors during the process.

Remove as much hair as you need to for the first layer by moving from side to side. Release the second layer and repeat the thinning process.


Always cut fringe while the hair is dry; wet hair will shrink when dry. Add texture to fringe by cutting the tips of the fringe. Hold the scissors parallel to your nose and cut upward, about 1/4 -inch throughout the fringe.


Avoid using the thinning shears on fine or thin hair.

Things You'll Need

  • Hairbrush
  • Rat-tail comb
  • Hairpin
  • Sharp thinning shears
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