How to Draw a Gangster Girl

Updated February 21, 2017

The modern gangster girl doesn't wear fur coats and strings of pearls. Instead, the modern gangster girl's style is one of minimal attire and prominently displayed colours. If you are planning to draw a gangster girl, focus on the details of the clothing. Begin by drawing the shape of a woman and then add her clothing. You can fill in the details of her face and hands once you have finished adding her gangster attire.

Add trousers to your gangster girl. Gangsters wear baggy trousers, so make the trousers loose on your lady's hips, pulled down low so her naval is exposed. Draw the legs so they balloon out over the legs. The hem should be draped over the feet. Colour in the trousers; many gangster girls wear jeans but they also wear brown cargo-style trousers, as well.

Focus on the shirt. The shirt should be sleeveless or cut to expose the shoulders. The shirt should also stop before the bellybutton. Colour the shirt to match the trousers or leave it plain white.

Add some bling to your drawing. This could include a large, gold chain or a necklace with a heavy pendant. Give your girl some earrings, rings and bracelets.

Draw a pair of sneakers on your character. Draw low-top sneakers that are usually one solid colour, such as black or red. Make the laces white and prominent.

Consider adding a bandanna to your drawing. Bandannas typically signify gang colours, so a bright red or bright blue bandanna would be appropriate.

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