The Best Way to Find Out Someone's Birthday for Free

Updated February 21, 2017

If you wish to determine someone's birthday so you can wish them well on their special day, there are many ways to acquire the information. You may wish to pay careful attention to what your friend says to determine if she drops hints about her birthday. Though you can always ask someone their birthday, you can also look for the information on a social networking website or a birthday database.

Navigate to the website Facebook. Enter the person's name in the search bar and press the "Enter" key. If you are already friends with the person, their name should pop-up before you finish typing it. Click on the "Info" tab of their profile and scroll down to see if the person lists her birthday.

Visit the website LinkedIn and enter the person's full name in the search bar. Look at their profile, if they have one, examining their picture and resume to make sure you have the correct profile. Look for the birthday information.

Navigate to you friend's Myspace, if you know your friend has a Myspace account. Look for his birthday on his profile.

Visit the Birth Database website (see Resources). Click on the "First Name" box and enter your friend's first name. Click on the "Last Name" box and enter your friend's last name. Enter an estimated age in the "Estimated Age" box and click on the search button. Look at the search results to determine if one of the results is your friend. Compare middle initials and state of birth to your friend's information.

Ask another friend or one of your friend's family members or coworkers.


Look at your friend's driving licence whenever she takes out her wallet to determine her age.

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