How to Remove a Phone Number from a Directory

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The Internet is a wonderful thing; it provides access to all types of information. Just sit down in front of your computer and Google your name. You will most likely be amazed at what you find: your address and phone number available for the world to see.

If you are a person who values your privacy, you can make it a little bit harder for people to access you at home by removing your phone number from phone directories.

Visit online directories such as Anywho, White Pages and 411. All of the directories contain published phone numbers, but you update or edit the information shown. Many of the directories get information from the White Pages' website and will redirect you there to update your information.

Type your 10-digit phone number in the search box and press "Enter." You will be redirected to a page containing your personal information.

Click the button labelled "Is this you? Remove your listing." You will be taken to another page.

Type the code found to verify you are human and not a random search engine. Press "Remove Your Listing."

Call the telephone company that provides your service.

Tell the representative you would like to have your number unlisted and unpublished. The person will ask you different questions to verify you have the authority to make the requested changes.

Pay the monthly fee to ensure your phone number remains unpublished. The price to keep your number private will vary depending on the telephone service provider you use.