How to find someone with a first name & city

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Finding people on the Internet can be a difficult process, especially if you have limited information about them. If you have a person's first name, last name and city, you have a better chance of finding them. However, you can still conduct online searches for people if you only have their first name and a city.

You can find people on a search engine or on a social networking portal.

Enter the person's name, city and state in a search engine such a Google, Yahoo or Bing. If possible, enter other information that you know about the person, such as the school they attended or an employer. Although there will be a seemingly endless number or results, the more information you enter, the better chance you have of finding an appropriate result.

Create an account on a social network, such as Facebook or MySpace (see Resources). Log into the account with your username and password. Search for the person in the search box in the network. For example, enter the person's name and city in the search box on MySpace. Select "People" and click "Search." On Facebook, enter the person's name and city in the search box at the top of the page and press "Enter." Regardless of the social network you use, you might have to search through several pages until you find the right match.

Search for the person at (see Resources). Enter the person's first name and state and click "Free People Search."