How to Find a UK Mobile Phone Number

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A number of online directories let you find cell phone numbers in UK. Some of these are free directories while others require you to pay a certain fee to get the results. To find the number, you need some information like the person's name and address. The greater the information you provide pertaining to the person, the greater the chances of tracing his cellphone number.

Go to the website Mobile Phone No. Enter the information about the person whose number you have to find in the "Search UK" search box. Although it is sufficient to enter the surname, try to provide as much information as possible for better results. If the website contains the entry in its database, it will show you the results without any fee. The results will include the person's associated cell phone and landline numbers.

Go to the website Mobile118 and click "Search the directory." On the next page, enter the person's surname, initials and location. The website will then look through the phone numbers published on the website and will show you the results on the next page.

Go to the website The Phonebook BT and enter the person's name and location in the respective fields. Then click "Search." The website will show you the results including the current phone numbers (both landline and mobile).

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