How to Find Someone's Name With Their Address

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Finding someone's name by their address can be tricky. Sometimes the person moves and someone else now lives at the residence. Or the person uses the address for mail only, but does not live there.

While you can visit the address in person or check a labelled front door, your visit may be unwelcome or considered harassment. An online search can help, as it may find lists of the names of each adult attached to that address. Offline resources are also handy; they are often updated annually, but may be more difficult to acquire.

Go to websites, such as Whitepages, 411 or Anywho to find a person. Type in the address you want to research. Press "Enter."

Find the person online at Switchboard if his phone number is published. Go to the "Reverse Address Search" section of the page and type in the person's address. Click the "Search" button.

Select the "By Address" tab at Search Bug's People Finder. Enter the street address, city, state and Postcode of the person you want to find and click "Search."

Find the person's name in your local city directory or in the Haines Criss Cross Directory, a comprehensive book with people's names, addresses and phone numbers. The directory is available in the reference section of your library or by lease at Haines & Company. To locate the person, search addresses alphabetically and check the matching name.