How to find the owner of a number plate

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Number plate numbers can be used to locate a car's owner for court cases, fraud or vehicular accidents. You can also use them to find the owner of a car for sale if you did not see that car's price.

Number plate lookup services are available online, usually providing Department of Motor Vehicles records from all 50 states. Private record databases are also useful in finding number plate numbers, offering additional information on the person such as criminal and employment records.

Visit Enter the number plate number and state where the vehicle is registered. Matches indicate that DMV records and public resources are available in the state you selected, allowing you to look up more information. Search results in these instances include the registered owner's first and last name, address, car registration date, vehicle model and license expiration date. Register with the database for unrestricted access to information, which comes with a fee depending on how many years of access you desire.

Use the Abika online private records database for number plate or Vehicle Identification Number searches. The service provides a full-scale search of a person's entire driving history, including their traffic violations, infractions, and vehicle insurance status. Background information such as criminal and marriage history is also available.

Search for an online private investigator through an online service or in your local Yellow Pages. Fees will vary depending on available information sources and the investigator's experience. However, private investigators can find more than just a person's number plate number, without you having to do any work.